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Our Approach

Hazel wants to spread our love of smoked meats with the rest of the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond.  Varying experiences with other methods of grilling and service has shaped the way we want to share our food with you. Presently, we never stop smoking the pit, and we use our pit-mastery skills and down home cooking to bring you the flavors of East Texas. We hope to serve our community with the best product to appease your appetite without breaking the bank!

Our Story

Our family has a rich history of pit–mastering since the 1940’s. As native East Texans, we have perfected techniques passed down through the generations. Our family has catered family reunions, private parties, and special events throughout the decades. We once owned a hamburger shop in Stop Six at Truman and Stalcup; the vision for Hazel's Back Porch BBQ food trailer was born of past business ventures and future dreams.

Meet the Team

The Hazel's Back Porch crew is a mix of Hazel's family and friends.

The Team

Hazel's Back Porch Family